Reasons to Relocate to Aberdeen

Reasons to Relocate to Aberdeen

Aberdeen is the third most populated city in Scotland, built on the back of the oil and gas industry. It offers a vibrant culture and strong economy, Referred to as the ‘Oil Capital of Europe’ due to its proximity to the North Sea and excellent shipping facilities. If you are considering moving your operations and business to Aberdeen then you could benefit from being amongst a particularly strong business cluster of companies working within the oil and gas industry, or in a related sector, and should experience a wealth of opportunities from your decision to relocate there.

Ever since the North Sea has been recognised as a viable oil source, Aberdeen has remained at the forefront of the UK economy, with a major sea port and one of the world’s busiest commercial heliports attracting oil and gas companies worldwide. Whilst traditionally businesses operating within the oil and gas industry tend to dominate Aberdeen’s economy, companies working within different sectors have also found Aberdeen to be a suitable working environment that allows for business development.

Aberdeen has a tremendous amount of choice when it comes to schooling and the area attracts a large number of young families because of the exceptional facilities available. From well-regarded independent schools to incredibly reputable state schools, which consistently ranks amongst the best schools in Scotland, and Aberdeen Grammar, the selective school responsible for such alumni as Lord Byron. Whilst Aberdeen may seem reasonably inaccessible tucked away in the north of Scotland, the city does enjoy good transport facilities including a high speed rail link that provides regular connections to Edinburgh and Glasgow and an overnight sleeper train to London, as well as its own international airport.

Staff relocating to Aberdeen will enjoy being located in a city that has been voted the happiest place to live in Scotland and has won the Britain in Bloom competition more than any other UK city. Whether employees would be better suited to a rural village, distanced from the busy centre, placed in a spacious suburb or situated directly in the midst of the city, Aberdeen has the ability to accommodate. The West End is an incredibly desirable area, reasonably central but still with a level of space not found in most large cities. Rosemount and Ferryhill both attract a large number of families moving into the city due to their secluded ambience whilst still providing easy access to the city centre, further afield, villages such as Dyce and Cults offer traditional village living for those looking for a more tranquil environment.

Aberdeen’s strong commercial reputation and excellent business facilities continue to attract businesses from around the world.